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Welcome to Your Social Lemon, your partner in growing your business's social media presence organically and creatively. Based in the Mighty Waikato New Zealand and operating from home, I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive through effective social media strategies and creating amazing and quilty content. 

My Story...

My name is Summer and I am the founder of Your Social Lemon. (Originally known as DeltaFoxx Social). My entrepreneurial journey started in early 2021 when covid hit. Throughout covid, I and my partner created, The Local NZ, a platform to help promote New Zealand businesses throughout the country. This was where I had the privilege of connecting with hundreds of small businesses. Through these interactions, I discovered a common need for expert assistance in navigating the intricacies of social media. Recognising the demand for specialised services, I embarked on a new chapter with my business now.

This is when I made the bold decision to establish my own business. The idea of using my creative abilities to assist businesses resonated deeply with me. This was driven not only by professional ambition but also by a desire to address the challenges I encountered within the confines of a conventional 9-5 employment model. The imbalance between work and personal life, coupled with the resulting stress, even detrimentally affecting my health, compelled me to embark on this path of entrepreneurship where I had more freedom.

I now have helped and created content for a number of small, medium and large businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia. My mission is to help as many businesses as I can with my unique creativity in your social media presence while creating results. 

About Your Social Lemon 

At Your Social Lemon, I offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to help businesses flourish on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I specialise in managing accounts, crafting compelling content, and capturing captivating visuals through photography and videos. 

Why Your Social Lemon?

The social media landscape can be daunting, filled with uncertainties and challenges. That's where I step in, offering you a fresh perspective and proven strategies for success. Unlike other options, I've walked the path of trial and error, understanding what truly works and what doesn't. My expertise translates into a strategic plan designed to maximise results even within limited budgets.

One of the distinct advantages of choosing Your Social Lemon is affordability. I believe in democratising social media expertise, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. I'm not just a service provider; I'm your collaborator in growth. My strategies are designed not only for implementation but also for your ongoing empowerment. Say goodbye to wasted time and resources; I'm here to decode the social media puzzle for you.

Together, we'll explore the limitless potential of social media, crafting strategies that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand. Let's embark on a vibrant journey of growth, creativity, and success. Get in touch today, and let's squeeze the most out of your social media presence!

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