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Your Local Wedding Content Creator! 

Your Local Wedding Content Creator, capturing the magic and chaos of your special day. 


Specialising in capturing the intimate behind-the-scenes moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. With a blend of iPhone and professional camera footage, I provide personalised short-form content for TikTok and Instagram within 24-48 hours, ensuring you can instantly share your joy on social media. 


Let me handle behind-the-scenes filming, allowing you and your loved ones to fully immerse in the celebration without worrying about capturing the moments. 


Complementing traditional videography and photography, I can offer a unique perspective, ensuring every cherished moment is beautifully preserved. Experience your wedding day stress-free with our dedicated services.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok


Basic Package (iPhone 15 Pro Max) - $800 NZD Plus GST


  • Coverage of the wedding ceremony and key moments

  • High-quality images captured on iPhone (around 60-100 images)

  • Edited video snippets on iPhone (1-2 minutes worth of snippets)


Standard Package (Professional Camera & iPhone 15 Pro Max ) $1200 NZD Plus GST


  • Extended coverage, including pre-ceremony and post-ceremony moments

  • High-resolution images captured with a professional camera (around 120 -180 images)

  • Edited video snippets (2-4 minutes worth of snippets)


Premium Package (Professional Camera & iPhone 15 Pro Max) $2000 NZD Plus GST


  • Hens party/pre-wedding day events 

  • Full-day coverage of wedding day, including getting ready, ceremony, reception, and candid moments

  • High-resolution images (Around 250+ images overall)

  • Professionally edited video highlights (5-7 minutes worth of snippets)

  • Film camera pictures can be an option (request)

Note* Packages can be customised to suit your needs/wants.
Any travel outside of Waikato wil be charged extra

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